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Authorware Troubleshooting Tips

This page has been created to address known issues when downloading and running the web-based module. Here are some suggestions and tips to help you avoid possible problems.

  • Remember to download the free Authorware Web Player from Macromedia. Follow the download instructions on their web site (you may want to print them before starting the download). Once you've installed the Web Player according to Macromedia's instructions, go to the PPS web based training module.

  • Authorware seems to have more problems with Internet Explorer than with Netscape. If you are unable to run the Basics module after installing the Authorware player using Internet Explorer, try running Netscape (be sure to make a note of what version you have when you start it up) and installing the Authorware player and running the Basics module both in Netscape. Note for Netscape: The most common mistake is for users to download the Authorware player but not actually install it on their computer. Be sure to follow the installation instructions on the Macromedia download page - they are different depending on what browser you are using.

  • Authorware seems to be compatible with certain web browser versions and and not with others. Downloading a more or less recent version of your web browser might fix the problem.

  • Mac OS 10: We understand that Authorware has not (and likely will not) developed a version that supports OS 10 web browsers. You will probably need to run the module from an OS 9 browser or find a Mac that is running OS 9 and run the module from there.

  • If you are a Mac User with an old version of "Stuff-it Expander," you may need to download & install a newer version from the Aladdin web site before installing the web player. It will automatically download on your desktop. Double-click the icon to install the program. Then go and "get" the Authorware Web Player.
  • Sometimes the simplest solution is to find another computer that can run the module - maybe the computer of someone in your office who has recently completed PPS Basics.

  • If you are having any problems downloading the Authorware Web Player or accessing the training module, please report the problem to the PPS Office ( or 459-1080).


Last Updated: 12/01/2006


Maintained by: PPS Office