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Cost Center Usage/Format

Cost Center Usage

The cost center field on the PPS Full Accounting Unit (FAU) will be used to indicate which processing team is responsible for time reporting and payroll for that distribution. All distributions on the EDB must contain a cost center, including WOS appointments and those paid through CruzPay.

If a transaction or payment is being processed for which there is no corresponding distribution, no cost center is required.

Cost Center Format

Staff Human Resource (SHR)

  • Cost center for distributions managed by SHR will be numeric, mostly equivalent to the level 4 Organization Code associated with the distribution.
  • Refer to for complete information on cost centers managed by SHR

Academic Divisions

  • Cost center for distributions managed by the Academic Divisions/Units will be alphabetic. The initial letter of the cost center will correspond to a particular Division/Unit, as follows:
    • S – Social Sciences
    • H – Humanities
    • A – Arts
    • P – Physical & Biological Sciences
    • E – Engineering
    • U – All other Academic Units (The Academic Personnel Office will manage cost center structure for non-traditional academic units.)

Payroll Office

  • Interlocation distributions have a special cost center value of ILOC which will be managed by the Payroll Office.



Last Updated: 07/18/2011


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